​ Refurbished Genuine MagSafe Chargers | Find Your Apple Charger

​ Refurbished Genuine MagSafe Chargers | Find Your Apple Charger

Are you in need of a new Apple MagSafe charger to go with your pre-USB-C MacBook Pro or Air? Look no further than Refurbo. In this article we want to explain why our refurbished MagSafes are a great option for you and how you can save up to 50% off the brand new price. It’s a no brainer.

Should I Buy a Refurbished MagSafe Charger?

This is probably the first question you will be asking yourself. MacBook chargers can be at both extremes, either you can purchase from Apple at a very high price, but know they are genuine. Or, you can buy a third-party charger online that works, but is not genuine and can actually be dangerous to use. Well, at Refurbo we genuinely believe that we have the solution. Our refurbished genuine MagSafe chargers are the perfect middle ground. Our units are purchased from Apple re-sellers, so we know that they are 100% genuine Apple products. We do not buy cheap third party chargers that are built poorly and do not adhere to basic safety standards. Not only are our products genuine, but they are also thoroughly refurbished. The MagSafe is probably one of our most rigorously refurbished items. Take a look at some of the work done below:

  • -Quality checking MagSafe cases to ensure there are no large chips or cracks
  • -Cleaning and buffing to remove large scratches from the plastic bringing the cosmetics up to the highest grade possible
  • -Re-wiring broken, frayed or faulty wires
  • -PAT Testing as an added safety measure to ensure the chargers are safe to use
  • -Final auditing, testing charger with units to ensure they work correctly
  • -Final quality check before adding to our inventory

These are the steps taken to get our MagSafe’s ready for sale. Some units are already in great condition and require less work, while some need to be processed at every stage. We take the time to assess every unit to make sure we keep our products at the highest standards possible.

apple magsafe charger

What is PAT Testing?

You may be familiar with PAT testing from your own workplace as offices or work spaces require it for health and safety compliance. However, there is no legal requirement for PAT testing chargers in the UK before selling them to retail. This is why many third-party companies and Chinese brands can sell very cheap non-genuine Apple compatible chargers which do not necessarily adhere to the same standards that is expected in the UK. We decided to stand out and hold ourselves to a higher standard than most by PAT testing our Apple chargers. Few, if not no companies, selling refurbished chargers actually PAT test their units. We think this is a great safety test to use and means we can keep our quality high. PAT testing includes visual inspection as well as electrical tests that measure the suitability and safety of an appliance. This means that when they go out the door, we know we have done all we can to ensure our units are as safe to use as possible. You can buy with confidence by seeing our PAT testing labels on our adapters, like with our MagSafe 2 below:

PAT tested refurbished MagSafe charger

What is the difference between Mag 1 and Mag 2 chargers?

There is more to MagSafe chargers than you might think when it comes to telling the difference. The charger tip is not always an accurate representation of the model. You may be used to the L shape and T shape charger tips being one way to tell. The reality is you can actually get T shape Mag 1 chargers in addition to L shape ones. The most obvious difference being, the T shape Mag 1 is thicker than the T shape Mag 2. You will also find that Mag 1 chargers with the T shape tip are encased in a white colour shell, whereas MagSafe 2 chargers have a silver casing.

Here is our helpful comparison of MagSafe chargers if you are still unsure:

Magsafe 1 vs magsafe 2 comparison

If you look at the charger tip itself you will notice the gold pins that connect to your laptop. From the image above you can see the pin arrangements at the bottom of the image. As you can see, the middle pin of the 5 pins in the Mag 1 is the smallest, while all the pins in the Mag 2 are equal in size. This is one way you can quickly determine your MagSafe model.

New vs Old MagSafe

You may be surprised to find a completely different type of “MagSafe” charger when googling the product these days. MagSafe technology refers to the magnetic charging assembly of the L or T shape tips. That’s why when you connect your Mac to your charger it clips in and out very easily. This technology has been taken to the next level by Apple with their iPhone MagSafe chargers, that magnetically connect to the iPhone 12 models. So, when looking for “MagSafe” chargers be sure to type “MagSafe 1” for example so you get the correct item.

apple iphone magsafe charger

USB-C Apple Chargers

In addition to MagSafe chargers, the newer models from around 2016 and onwards use USB-C type connections. Yes, Apple can be very confusing sometimes. The good news is we also sell Apple genuine USB-C chargers with Apple USB-C cables. They are also purchased from Apple re-sellers and are tested before sale. USB-C chargers have the benefit of being universal, so you can use the USB-C cable to connect to a range of other products with the same port. This includes products that are not necessarily Apple. However, keep in mind that other third-party USB-C cables may not work with your MacBook. USB-C has been adopted by Apple and many other electronics manufacturers because it allows for charging and also data transfer. It makes the USB-C ports on your device more useful and versatile. If you have a USB-C type MacBook you can get your refurbished charger from us here.

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Get your MagSafe or USB-C Apple charger from Refurbo and benefit from our PAT tested units with a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you are unsure what charger to get, be sure to contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Call: 03331232004 or email: cs@refurbo.co.uk

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Jul 29, 2021 Sergio Osorio

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