Busy mum chooses children centric safe and affordable Tech

Busy mum chooses children centric safe and affordable Tech

Busy Mum muses on the importance of technology in her home.

As a mother of 3 under 8’s (and a teenager!) our house is littered with technology. We have had ipads, switches, PS4s, X-boxes and Apple Mac, chromebooks and thinkpads at various times, found under beds, in school bags, hidden under bedcovers, etc etc. It is a nightmare trying to monitor it all!

Checking who is using what, for what and when, is sometimes challenging.But children need technology and it’s been absolutely essential during Lockdown and home learning.Now the kids all know where to find Purple Mash, Twinkle and all the other online learning sites. 

My 7 year old, who is struggling to read, enjoys reading on screen and interactive lessons on phonics whereas he is reluctant to read a book.I don’t know how I or they would have got through without all the learning available online. That is why a good online security system for parental control is an absolute necessity.On our laptops we have Bullguard which promotes parental control as one of its special features. Having that gives me security, knowing that the children cannot just browse Google unprotected and vulnerable.

Being a single parent means cost is a big factor when buying any new device. I buy a lot of their toys, and game consoles pre-loved and refurbished. I am always searching for bargains and have found great quality products- practically brand new - for really reasonable prices.The children are also all learning about the environment and green issues at school and are always telling me about too much plastic. So as a family we all like the idea of reusing products. I do have to have be able to trust the product though and that it will work. So when buying a refurbished laptop for school, the fact that it comes with a warranty, Microsoft software already pre-installed and a Bullguard security device really makes a difference. Sturdiness is a must. Machines are dropped, stepped on, sticky fingers and clumsy hands also take their toll. I found the Chromebooks we got at the start of Lockdown just ideal for the 6 and 7 year old’s learning. They could also zoom each other and their grandmother for extra lessons to give me a break!


BullGuard’s unique Parental Controls feature is built into Internet Security that helps ensure children stay safe online.

Refurbo recommend BullGuard, the Best Malware Protection In The WorldPerfect for Families; we include it for free to download for a year in all our refurbished PCs and laptops.

Dec 07, 2020 Deana aka The Busy Mum

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