CFA win Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher award for Top Sales EMEA 2020

CFA win Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher award for Top Sales EMEA 2020

Local technology refurbishing company CFA.LTD have been awarded the Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher award for Europe, Middle East and Africa for 2020. Having previously been No 1 for the UK and then Europe, this is another accolade for the company, which operates in Poole, and aims to be World No 1 MAR.I spoke to founder Leon Lindblad to find out what the award means and why CFA is so successful in the refurbishing industry.

‘Collaboration is the answer’, states Leon. ‘Collaboration and partnership with our customers have always been a key focus of our ethos. We are the only MAR company that offers all our services to other companies. I strongly believe that there is enough business for all of us and that by providing services such as keyboard reprinting, selling skins and technical support for free we are helping to raise standards across the industry. 

Every trader in refurbished devices has to install a Windows licence to sell their product and while most MAR companies are only interested in selling the licences, we enable traders to add value as well, to get a Grade A product. Installing the licences can be a tricky and complicated procedure, so we now have dedicated people rewriting the software to make it more user friendly. This means that companies will be able to load their machines more quickly with enhanced features.’

Leon is working to establish an industry standard for all refurbished products. All CFA devices are subject to a rigorous Quality and Assessment process with a guaranteed ‘Certified Refurbished’ assigned by the company before they leave the warehouse. 

This process has been developed by the CFA team and is continually evolving. ‘I have been itching to create an industry standard for years, and now that the refurbishment business is well established, the market is definitely ready for it. BSI Kitemarking have started to work on standards and I am hoping they will be able to use our research and progress over the past 15 years to help them develop a definitive industry standard. There should be standard testing and grading, with evidence given, so that companies can be confident of the devices they buy. 

Trust is the most important aspect of this business. We have had the same customers for over a decade now: they know that we have their interests at heart and that working together will mean good business for us all.I am very proud of our team who are always innovating, developing and experimenting to improve our practices. The award for top MAR sales EMEA 2020 is down to our Sales team and all the committed teams at CFA.’ 

Dec 22, 2020 Gareth Jenkins, Manager at CFA Trading

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