​It’s all About the Testing….Lenovo Yoga 11e thinkpad

​It’s all About the Testing….Lenovo Yoga 11e thinkpad

Lenovo Yoga 11e thinkpad: 2-in-1 laptop is ideal for students

When I took a group of Year 11 students on a tour of local refurbishing company CFA.Ltd last year, I couldn’t have known that thorough and accurate testing would become such a hot topic in 2020. My motive was to show them the environmental advantages of refurbishing by demonstrating that reusing and upcycling is cool by taking them through the whole process from start to finish. We were also interested in the 3D printing room to gain an insight into how that works.

The journey of a machine at CFA is a real eye-opener into how precise and systemic the process needs to be to ensure consumer confidence. The students of course, being teenagers, are interested in style as well as functions. So, the fact that an Apple machine can be restored to pristine condition with special skins and ‘cosmetic surgery’ certainly helped. 

It is a fascinating process starting with thorough testing on Aiken software with every aspect of the devices being physically tested. Each key on the keyboard, each grid on a touchscreen, speakers, screens, ports, all have to be ticked off before the machines travel to Quality Control for their next assessment and cosmetic maximisation. Machines are cleaned, filled, sanded if necessary, cracks filled and reskinned so that they look good as new before they are returned to Quality Control for their final check. We all found the tour informative and I was really pleased to show them how refurbishing is about being careful with our resources, taking pride in quality work and setting high standards. Such an important message in our throw away world.

Fast forward to March 2020 and Lockdown. I needed a versatile machine to teach online and remotely: one which was light, portable and which I could use for lesson planning as well as to annotate and mark work. I contacted CFA for advice and the Lenovo Yoga, a hybrid tablet-laptop was recommended. This sturdy and reliable machine has been brilliant during Lockdown and for the return of school, when we were required to move from room to room with our own devices. (No desktops are permitted for hygiene reasons.) Its portability is even more of a benefit when I have to present virtual assemblies. I can move from room to room with the camera while the student ‘bubbles’ can wave to each other and give ‘shout outs’ as I speak to all year groups. A little bit of fun and social interaction for them. 

The Lenovo Yoga is perfect for teaching remotely -annotating and marking with the stylus - but also with a full-size keyboard essential for emails and planning and easy to carry around. There are various models available at different prices; personally, I think the Lenovo Yoga 11-e is really great for students, with its simple scroll down touchscreen and sturdy frame. It has all the features needed; an 11.6 inch screen; 4GB RAM; 128 SSD storage and of course as with all devices, tested and certified cosmetically to Pristine standard whilst being offered at an affordable price.

So, the school field trip was well worthwhile – now we can only visit virtually- but the students who did see the process first- hand were really enthused by the idea of refurbished devices. It rid them of their instinctive aversion to not- new products. This could not have come at a more opportune time as now, more than ever, we all need testing which we can trust and products which are environmentally viable. 

Here is a mini video about the versatile Lenovo Yoga 11e 2in1 Thinkpad Convertible Laptop Tablet

Oct 25, 2020 James Blake, Head of Prep School at Ballard School

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