Watched a video by Brian from Britech and I am a bit annoyed

Watched a video by Brian from Britech and I am a bit annoyed

In the video he was talking about should you buy a refurbished computer in 2019. In the end his conclusion was that you should go for new. There is a number of issues I have with this video

1. He said that people just clean PCs up maybe do a bit of an upgrade and send out. This maybe true of refurbishers 5 years ago but the industry as a whole has moved on and quite a few companies are doing excellent work in raising the standards. As a company we sell thousands of laptops and PCs per month and our failure rate is less than 1/2%. This is better and more reliable than new. We also offer a better than new warranty with 3 Years as standard on PCs. We could not do this if they were more unreliable and had a hard life. Also our turn around time if something goes faulty is 5 days again which is better than new. Plus we have our Elite customer service team 'The Core Duo' Mikester and Cool Hand Luke who look after all customer issues with gusto.

2. He was comparing New AMD 8 Core CPUs to 3rd Gen i5 CPUs. Well as far as I can tell new AMD CPUs were actually manufactures at the same time as the 4rd gens.

We are rolling out i7 3rd Gen Dell PCs this week as gaming PCs the i7 blows away the latest AMD in benchmark.

I dont know if Brian is paid by big corporation to steer people to new but he kept saying oh you may as well add this if you are going to spend the money or you may as well add that. By the time he has finished it was £550 and this does not include windows 10. So you will end up paying £650 with an OS.

We will be selling our i7 Gaming PC with a 3 YR guarantee and Windows 10 and a 1050TI for £395 inc vat.

We will do an entry level Gaming PC for for £295

He talked about refurbishers just putting in a cheap Chinese SSD in the unit. All SSDs are cheap Chinese units just re branded by manufacturers. They all come from the same factories. We either put used SSD which we test properly made by Samsung or we use Generic new ones that come with a 3 year guarantee. Yes it is not worth going out and finding a cheap SSD from China if you are a consumer but as a company we have to make sure that everything we buy is good quality and will last otherwise we will end up losing money.

Lastly but most importantly he is contributing to the throw away society of lets not buy refurbished lets buy new which is not based in fact. Sort of like a Climate change denier. We will get an i7 unit and put it through it paces this week playing different games and video it. What we will also do is buy 1 of the AMD Gaming PCs from Amazon for £499 and compare them.

Keep watching and think Circular

May 11, 2019 Refurbo

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