Laptop Skins | Vinyl Wrap Covers for Laptops

Laptop Skins | Vinyl Wrap Covers for Laptops

Laptop Skins | Vinyl Wrap Covers for Laptops

Custom size laptop Skins have become a great way to protect and customize your laptops, and other electronic devices such as games consoles, phones and much more. We have recently launched our own laptop Skins category on Refurbo, allowing customers to purchase packs of custom sizelaptop vinyls for HP, Dell and Apple laptops. We use Skins or vinyl in our refurbishment process to improve the cosmetic grades of our devices, including laptops, desktops and sometimes monitors and monitor stands. If you are still unsure about what goes into the refurb process as a whole, have a look at our Refurbishedvs New Electronics: Should I Buy Refurbished? blog. In the meantime, we want to cover why we think laptop Skins are great and why you should look into it too.

Check out our before and after on a HP 840 G3 with a skin applied:

laptop skin before and after

What are laptop Skins?

The phrase laptop Skins is the most commonly used idiom, but you may know them as decals, wraps or stickers. They can be made from different materials and the quality can really range from cheap stickers to high grade architectural vinyl. Indeed, there are many options to choose from and you will always want to choose the higher quality end of the spectrum to provide you with better protection and longevity. The wrap we use at Refurbo is 3M vinyl which is one of the highest quality materials within the vinyl wrap industry. 3M are known for their quality, hence why their vinyl is used to wrap cars, boats and even buildings. Our Skins start out as large sheets of vinyl, which is then cut to the specification of the desired device. On top of this, we have a colour matching system which allows us to match the exact colour of the original finish on our laptops, to the correlating vinyl needed. We then us large cutting machines to cut a large numbers of the Skins. The vinyl has a strong adhesive backing which allows the user to stick the wrap onto the desired surface using heat and pressure. You can use a heat gun or a hair dryer to apply the heat, which activates the adhesive. Then with a squeegee, you apply pressure to the vinyl and smooth out the surface while you apply it to your laptop.

laptop vinyl skin application

Skins are not to be confused with hard covers, which are typically made from plastic that are normally clipped onto your devices. While hard covers provide reasonably good protection, they often add weight and bulk to your device. They are also less visually appealing and as a refurbisher, we don’t like the over use of plastic and generally, a wasteful approach which a lot of companies use when supplying this solution. Whether you go for Skins or hard covers, please always try to source your cover from a company that uses recycled materials and bonus points for those who recycle your old covers if you fancy a change. 

What are laptop Skins and vinyl made from?

As mentioned, choosing the right laptop skins and material is important. High quality vinyl can last a very long time and can even be UV and heat resistant. Opting for just sticker style material wont provide good adhesion or protection from scratches for the body of your device. 3M and other high quality vinyl is made from a mixture of plasticizers, PVC resins, solvents and additives. Vinyl starts out as a liquid which allows the manufacturer to easily add pigments to add colour. The mixture resembles paint when in liquid form. The liquid vinyl is then put on a casting sheet and baked at high temperatures to give it its final film like form. During the baking process the plasticizer bonds with the PVC resin which is then what gives the vinyl its strength. Because of its makeup, it has a very low shrinkage rate but is very elastic and durable allowing the user to cut and mold it to many shapes and structures. There are other methods to creating vinyl which don’t include baking, however, this is the main method used by large manufacturers such as 3M and Avery Dennison. 

Vinyl film rolls

What are the benefits to using laptop Skins and vinyl?

Our parent company CFA Trading is an industry leader in the refurbishment industry offering services to other recognised refurbishment retailers in the UK. The use of vinyl for laptop Skins is one of CFA’s specialities. Therefore, we know how great vinyl can be for laptop owners. We currently offer packs of 5 for various models and brands which will allow you to vinyl wrap multiple devices or keep spares. We also offer great prices on bulk orders for trade customers who refurbish laptops using vinyl. It is especially useful for those who want to keep the same look and aesthetic of their devices, as we can colour match our vinyl to the original colour of the model.

Scratch Protection

You may have seen a lot of custom vinyl laptop Skins, some with amazing designs and imagery. But they don’t just look pretty. Good quality Skins can protect the surface of your device from scratches or cosmetic damage. Some laptop lids are very prone to scratches or scuffs especially as users move them around quite often. A vinyl skin can prevent this while still keeping your device lightweight. This is not to say it’s a complete substitute to carrying your device in a laptop bag or some kind of protective case, as vinyl will not prevent impact damage or liquid damage. At Refurbo we do not currently offer custom designed Skins, but if you have a requirement for us to wrap your laptop in a specific colour or type of vinyl, please do get in touch at

laptop vinyl skins

Long Lasting

Vinyl can be very durable. Because of the quality of 3M material, you will find that the Skins we provide can last the lifetime of the laptop. As part of our warranty if your vinyl has not been applied correctly or has peeled within your year warranty period, we can offer to re-vinyl it for you. This is our guarantee to our customers as we are confident in the vinyl we use. As mentioned previously the same type of vinyl is used for cars and buildings and can last up to 5-7 years! By using this time-tested method of improving the cosmetics and protection of laptops, we know we can provide great value above and beyond what other refurbishers might be able to offer. 


A 5 pack of vinyl’s, from Refurbo is just £84.99. That’s 5 of every section of the laptop where vinyl can be applied. For example in a Macbook Pro A1502 vinyl 5 pack, you get 5x lid, 5x base and 5x palm and trackpad skins. By offering our pre-cut and colour matched Skins we can provide customers with a quick turn-around for these packs, allowing us to price them very competitively. This is a very small price to pay if you want to give your old device a new lease of life. Or if you just want to protect the surface of your laptop from getting too damaged, protecting its re-sale value. We think Skins are a great way to improve the life cycle of laptops, contributing to a more circular economy. Why throw away a perfectly good laptop when you can wrap it for less than a tenner per vinyl. 

Remove and Replace

Vinyl truly is a unique and fascinating material. Once applied, it can be removed without leaving any residue behind. This means the surface of your laptop will not be permanently affected and a simple clean with some foam cleanser will do the trick. This means you can replace the skin any time you like. Naturally over the course of using your laptop the surface will begin to show wear and tear so having a way to easily swap your Skins is perfect to keep the device going for longer. This is also great if you decide to go for custom designed Skins, as you can always change up the style of your unit whenever you want.

laptop vinyl skin for HP 840 G3

Custom Laptop Skins and Branding

While we have a limited selection on offer at the moment, we do have the capacity to provide different colours, textures and designs to fit our existing catalogue of pre-cut vinyl. This means that we can also provide businesses with a brilliant and unique way of branding company laptops. We can design vinyl with company logos or slogans in mind. As well as this, we have access to an amazing range of coloured and textured vinyl through our supplier 3M, giving almost unlimited possibilities to the styles that can be offered.

So are laptop skins worth it?

Well as always we provide the facts and let you decide. However, if you are a customer, small business or any size refurbisher looking to give your laptops a welcome upgrade, vinyl Skins are for you. They can be applied by anyone and immediately add value and longevity to any laptop. If you have any further queries or want to make a business enquiry, contact us today at

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Jun 10, 2021 Sergio Osorio

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