Refurbished in the UK

Refurbished in the UK

You may be wondering, has Refurbo Man had a makeover? Why is he wearing the union Jack as a cape? This is to proudly represent that all of our Mag Safes and USB-C’s have been lovingly refurbished in the UK.

We want to ensure all our customers are fully aware of this, as we know Apple fans demand the best! We understand

t can be daunting purchasing Apple products indirectly. However, at Refurbo, we only source our products from Apple re-sellers so we can guarantee they are 100% genuine Apple products.

The Green Passed Sticker

You will notice the green passed sticker which indicates the item has been PAT tested and has passed accordingly! Did you know, PAT testing is not a legal requirement for sellers in the UK? We pride ourselves on providing this extra safety measure, which very few companies can say they do.PAT testing is a visual and electrical test that measures the safety of an appliance. This test is carried out by our in house engineers before the item is considered ready for sale.

Our ‘Certified Refurbished’ badge

This means the product has been professionally inspected and restored to working order by our team. Our mission is to save quality products from going to landfill, which we do through sourcing genuine quality products and refurbishing them to look as well as work like new! Part of our refurbishment process includes replacing faulty cables, repairing damaged AC’s and professionally cleaning the body of the charger. Most electrical safety defects are visually noticed, but we take that extra step by PAT safety testing all chargers to ensure they are safe for customer use. Buying a certified refurbished product allows premium products a second chance and prevents fully functional hardware from going to landfill.

If you do wish to purchase a MagSafe or USB-C charger from us, use this coupon code below at check out for free next day shipping via DPD!

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Nov 22, 2021 Courtney Jenkins

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