Refurbo’s Guide to Refurbished Grading

Refurbo’s Guide to Refurbished Grading

What do Refurbished Grade Products Look Like? 

Consider this your guide to grading for our refurbished products. Different companies have different terms for the condition of their refurbished laptops, desktops, phones or tablets. You may have seen refurbished grade A, B and C in the title or description of some other refurbishers websites. Refurbo, in fact, used to use this grading system in the past and it is still very widely used within B2B purchases. We have however, moved to a more descriptive grading system so that our customers can be more confident when looking through our different cosmetic condition offerings. We have an entire refurbished grading scale dedicated to explaining each cosmetic condition. Have a look for yourself and see what kind of grade you might be interested in.

Refurbo Grading System

So, what is the refurbished grading system for Refurbo? Rather than grades A through D, we describe the cosmetic condition of our products within the grading system. Our products range from Pristine, Very Good, Good and Pass conditions.

refurbished grading system

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You will see our grading badges on the product listings page of each item. Most items are refurbished to our Pristine standard for retail customers. However, sometimes when a unit cannot be fully cosmetically repaired or it would take too many resources to bring it up to Pristine condition, we list them as the appropriate grade for customers who don’t mind minor cosmetic imperfections.

pristine grading on refurbished listing

The above image shows you that when you hover over our badge, you will be able to see our easy-to-follow breakdown for the cosmetic condition. You can also click “read more” to view our full grading scale. Our listings are designed to give you as much info about our products as possible so you know what to expect with our units. You will also get information from our title and descriptions:

Apple macbook pro very good condition

Firstly, our title will have a tag on the end to describe the condition. If there is no tag it means the item is Pristine, with no other cosmetic condition offerings. This will be confirmed by the badge under the title, which is the second point of reference for our listings condition. Lastly, the product description will confirm the title and additionally describe the cosmetics of the item listed. Sometimes, we detail the exact issues with the given model. Other times, you might not see a full description, which simply means that the product can best be described by our grading scale. Because not one refurbished product is the same as the next, it means we often have a very unique set of laptops. No two are the same, so sometimes we describe specific issues. It is difficult to do this for every single product, which is why our refurbished badges are so handy. TOP TIP: Always read the description on any website for the product. Occasionally, customers skip over the description and will miss key pieces of information, especially regarding refurbished items.

Where do refurbished products come from?

This is a great question and is asked a lot by customers who want to find out more about refurbished products. Refurbished is a whole league above used items. At Refurbo, we buy ex-corporate stock. This means we buy items that have only been used within a business setting by employees. Companies tend to have a refresh cycle for their tech, normally between 2-4 years. At the end of each cycle the business will “refresh” their tech, by buying newer models from manufacturers or authorized resellers. We then procure the businesses’ previous tech, test the units and certify the items cosmetically, before listing them for retail or trade. We pride ourselves in our quality and ability to save old tech from being discarded and ending up in landfill. Not only are we helping the environment, but we also provide great quality laptops much cheaper than brand new ones. This is one of the reasons refurbishing giant Global Resale acquired us in a 2020 merger and we continue to provide exceptional service and high standard products.

Refurbo Pristine | Grade A Refurbished

It is important to note, refurbished “Pristine” is not to be compared to the Oxford dictionary definition of the word Pristine. It does not mean the unit is perfect, factory new and has been handed over to us by HP or Dell themselves. It is a way of describing the best possible refurbished grade we can offer. It is “like new” and as much as we would like to call them new because they are in great shape, we have to qualify their condition with our own terms. As described our Pristine units are like new, with little to no wear and functionally run as new devices do. We also clean the units thoroughly to ensure they are retail ready with no sign of our previous work still showing on them. Pristine units are great to give as gifts and what’s more with refurb, you always benefit from a 1 year return to base warranty. We recommend that with any refurbisher you go with, always check to make sure they have a 1 year warranty to back their products. It’s a standard within the industry for many refurbishers like us and serves as a good indicator that the company takes care with their work.

Look for the badge:

1 year warranty for refurbished laptops

Refurbo Very Good | Grade B Refurbished

Refurbished cosmetic grading can be subjective, not everybody agrees with what we may class as Very Good or Good or even Pristine. But with our grading system we try to match our units as closely as possible to the descriptions we provide. Very Good condition units will have some small signs of wear. There may be a scratch or a chip in the body somewhere which could not be filled or buffed out. We normally make sure clear signs of use are few and far between on a Very Good unit so that you won’t have large areas of blemishes or multiple issues on numerous areas of the device. For the odd scratch or chip, it makes sense to list the laptop as a Grade B or Very Good as it allows us to price the unit cheaper without having to spend extra resources on it. As a company that tries to save as much energy and materials as possible, we think there is a lot of value in Very Good items. There will, occasionally, be units with small screen blemishes (like white spots) which are only visible on certain colour backgrounds. With an otherwise Pristine chassis (body), the unit will be listed as Very Good.

Refurbo Good | Grade C Refurbished

At the Good grade level, you can really pick yourself up a bargain. These units will be the second cheapest versions of the listed model and often times are on a clearance price which generally means it doesn’t get much lower. There will be visible signs of wear on the body of the unit. Sometimes there are screen blemishes that will be qualified in the description along with the existing cosmetic issues on the chassis. These items won’t be the best looking, but as with all grades they are still fully functional and backed by our warranty.

Refurbo Pass | Grade D Refurbished

This is the lowest cosmetic grade we offer. The unit will still be fully functional and the screen still working, but there may be blemishes visible when turned on, possible etching on the screen and likely very visible signs of wear on the body. Some Pass units won’t have any screen issues and may just have a lot of wear on the body. We still provide our warranty with these units, but please be sure to check the listing as certain models may have limited warranties. This grade is great for anyone looking to buy in bulk at low cost. Pass units can be good in environments where the units are likely to get dirty or there is risk of damage. It’s also a great grade for any small to medium size businesses who refurbish items themselves and sell on to their own customers. As a branch of CFA Trading, part of Global Resale, we are part of a large supply network of refurbished products and are always happy to take on new trade customers.

What if I don’t like the quality of a Refurbished product?

The beauty of buying from Refurbo is that you have a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. We understand that not everyone agrees on exactly what a refurbished Pristine should look like. We are committed to being an industry leader in our quality standards which is why we are an eBay Top Rated Seller, an Amazon Prime partner with a 95% lifetime positive feedback rating and have a 4.8 TrustPilot Trust Score. We really pride ourselves in our customer service, so if you ever have an issue with one of our products, please contact us and we would be happy to help. We always look to resolve issues directly with customers and we are flexible wherever possible. We ask customers always to give us a call directly to resolve any issues. If your product does not meet the standard we set, we will help in whatever way we can to come up with a solution.

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May 13, 2021 Sergio Osorio

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