​Retro Refurbo just loves SodaStream

​Retro Refurbo just loves SodaStream

Less plastic for the planet

I drink a lot of bubbly water and I mean a lot. Just got a SodaStream for my office. Remember them? I thought they were a 60’s product and a bit retro tbh. But what a great thing. A perfect example of a circular economy product. Instead of using bottles of bottles of plastic carbonated water – you get one bottle and a CO2 cannister -which is harvested from manufacturing - so also carbon friendly. You carbonate the water and off you go. Simple to use, great design. It’s cool and relevant now, like back to the future.

Reminds me of the bar stools we designed for Sharkey’s Sports Bar. With the frames we give a 10 year guarantee but they will last 20 or 30 years. The tops are made out of recycled plastic and can be taken off and re-vinyled when necessary. So its like going back to the old school days of making something that lasts and something that’s easily reparable. Quality and durability. In the new Covid world we all have rethought our relationship with nature and realise we have to be a lot more clever and careful with how we use our resources. 

Cheers to SodaStream and I can drink as much fizzy water as I like and feel good about it. Also, I found out, it was created in 1904! 

Nov 02, 2020 Leon Lindblad, Founder and CEO CFA Ltd and Refurbo

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