To The Top And Back – The Ben Nevis Charity Challenge – Jake’s Story

To The Top And Back – The Ben Nevis Charity Challenge – Jake’s Story

Some of you will know that our CEO, Leon Lindblad, has been organising a charity event to help the ‘DAFA charity’ provide laptops to local school children who need them.

Refurbo has plans to help fund raise for charities; we are calling this initiative Digital Inclusion for Families (DIFF)

The Refurbo fundraising events will be in support of The Learning Foundation and Digital Access for All (DAFA) to raise money to help provide top quality refurbished laptops for local schools which have a need and where the school and families would benefit. 

Part of our DiFF (Digital Inclusion for Families) initiative is to ensure an entire class gets the same machine, and that these can be taken home to enable the child to access learning at home, as well as school. 

This is the Donation link Virgin Money Giving donation page

Our first charity event is called To The Top and Back, The Ben Nevis Challenge

Our first charity event is at 11:00 on Friday 16 April 2021

You can become part of the community that is interested in this invitation-only event by going to the Facebook event: To The Top & Back, The Ben Nevis Challenge

The event is being help at the launch of FTY Lab

About the Hero

This is our superhero, ex-boxer and endurance athlete Jake Best who will be doing the hard work at the event. Respect!

Jake will be running 10.5mile up and down an indoor sports stadium hill x337 times, which is approximately the equivalent of going to the top of Ben Nevis mountain in Scotland and down again.

It will take Jake approximately 2 hours non-stop and he will be carrying the 15kg weighted computer on his back…imagine it weights the same as a 4-year-old child!!!!

Join us in donating to this worthwhile charity event

Mar 22, 2021 Allan Martelli

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