Repair Services

Repair Services

Have you searched for the term “pimp my tech” because you have a laptop, a phone, a printer or another piece of valuable equipment that is in desperate need of refurbishing? If that sounds exactly right, then you have definitely come to the right place as our certified team of refurbishing experts specialises in giving damaged or faulty units a second life. Keep reading below to find out more!

Pimp Your Tech at Refurbo

Refurbo is the home of the CR – Certified Refurbished – standard. As a company, we believe in setting the highest standards for the industry. An important part of this is providing a “like new” experience to used products, which is sometimes referred to as “pimp my tech”.

When you bring your unit over to us, we will check it thoroughly and see which category it fits in. Once we establish exactly what we’ll be working with, we will be able to give you a timeframe and estimate for getting the issues sorted. The categories for this process are explored below.

Pristine | Lightly Used

The first standard covers most of the devices that we sell ourselves – impeccably clean and an excellent example for its age with minimal signs of wear. No cracks in the plastic and it will run like a new machine would.

Very Good | Slightly Used

The second category will still be clean but show visible signs of wear and tear. Scratches may be apparent on the surface but there won’t be any cracks in the plastic. Commonly used ports will likely evidence wear.

Good | Moderately Used

The products in this category will show clear signs of use, with visible scratches on the lids and base as well as obvious wear on the ports. This grade is typical for older generations of products.

Pass | Heavily Used

Heavily used equipment can still be refurbished and certified to be working cleanly. When you first bring them to us, however, they will have visible wears and cracks in the non-structural plastics.

Reasons to Choose Refurbo as Your One Stop Shop for Gadgets

Here at Refurbo, we pride ourselves on our skillset and unique refurbishing process that has been tried and tested, proven to be supremely effective. If you have a piece of equipment that isn’t looking and working like it used to, bring it over to us – we will pimp the tech and make it functional again!

Get in Touch to Pimp Your Tech at Refurbo

Are you ready to give your equipment a second life? The Refurbo team looks forward to hearing from you soon. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by either calling 03331 232 004 or sending a message through our contact form online – we’ll respond shortly!

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