Refurbished Apple Macbooks

Refurbished Apple Macbooks

What is a certified refurbished Macbook? Our processes are designed to make used Macs, desktops and phones look and run like new. All our refurbished Macs come with a one year return to base warranty, 30 day money back guarantee and free UK delivery. We refurbish all of our devices in house and test them before sale. Our operation is run on 100% renewable energy and we pride ourselves in our ability to recycle used devices. By buying refurbished IT equipment, you are helping us to save the planet!

Have you been dreaming about getting an Apple Macbook but you’re put off by the price tag? That’s completely understandable. While the products are undeniably impressive, buying them new is simply out of many people’s budget. However, there is a solution to this – getting a refurbished unit from Refurbo.

Refurbished Apple Macbooks That Work Flawlessly

It’s true that an Apple Macbook is the number one choice of laptop of the century, with the iPhone filling that gap when it comes to smartphones. But as fantastic and innovative as Apple’s products are, the RRP for them is undeniably steep.

If you’re a fan of Apple’s products, then you don’t have to miss out simply because the newer units are out of your current price range. Going refurbished is a fantastic way to save a lot of money as well as help the environment.

Here at Refurbo, we specialise in refurbishing Apple Macbooks and restoring them to manufacturer recommended conditions. We are beyond confident that you will be able to find a suitable laptop from our wide selection.

Whether you want a Macbook Pro or prefer a Macbook Air, we are going to have something available for you. These are some of our most popular items and we always have refurbished units in stock, offered at a fraction of the price of the original equipment.

Why Purchase Refurbished Apple Macbooks from Refurbo?

At Refurbo, we utilise the Aiken Workbench to test each machine that goes through our CR – Certified Refurbished – program. This enables us to ensure full functionality and quality that our customers have come to know us for.

After this initial assessment, our refurbishment experts will start fixing them and ensuring that they look perfect cosmetically as well. A separate quality assurance department will check everything over a final time and then put it into stock.

Before your refurbished Apple Macbook is dispatched, it will be tested a final time to make sure that all of the components are working optimally. Thanks to this unique process, our units have less than a half a percent failure rate.

All of our laptops also come with a one-year warranty as standard, so you can buy your refurbished Apple Macbook from Refurbo with confidence!

Contact Us if You Have Any Questions About Our Refurbished Apple Macbooks

Ready to place an order for a carefully refurbished Apple Macbook? Need to specify something with us first? We’re here to help – reach out now by calling 03331 232 004 or filling out our contact form!

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