Apple Reconditioned iPhones

Are you an Apple product lover looking for a refurbished Apple iPhone? Most people love iPhones and like to keep up with the latest one in the market but if you are a person on a tight budget, then this is the solution for you. Refurbo is the best refurbisher in the business, so call us today on 03331 232 004 for more information about our services!

Our Products and Services

At Refurbo, we offer various products and services that are all tailored towards fulfilling our customers' needs. One of our main services is refurbishing iPhones and giving them a new lease of life. The following are our services!

Refurbishing Apple iPhones

Refurbo is the leading refurbisher of the popular Apple iPhones. We understand that Apple iPhones are of high quality and therefore all our refurbishment processes maintain it.  We use quality products and parts to create an Apple refurbished iPhone. This ensures that they last longer and serve their purpose!

We use high quality refurbishment tools and equipment. This, combined with our skills and expertise, produces the best products in the region, which has enabled us to achieve good-as-new Apple refurbished iPhones.

Selling Accessories

Refurbo also deals with phone accessories that you may require. These accessories include headphones, chargers and USB cables. You, therefore, do not have to go looking for these in your local market where they might be of low quality. Just contact us and we’ll get the bestrefurbished Apple iPhone accessories for you!

Best Priced Refurbished iPhones

Here at Refurbo, we ensure that we care for our customers’ needs. This is made possible by our fairly priced Apple refurbished iPhones. Unlike other refurbishers who sell their phones at very high prices, we ensure that we are providing the best value for your money. If you need any refurbed Apple iPhones, you can be assured that you will get it at a cheaper price from us.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Refurbished iPhone?

There are so many reasons that set us aside from our competitors these include. Keep reading below to discover the benefits you can enjoy when you choose Refurbo over the alternative providers!

Value for Your Money

The best thing about our Apple refurbished iPhone is that it will function just like the new ones but they have a much lower price.  With a low budget, you're going to get a fully functional phone, which has a good cosmetic look as well.

One-Year Warranty for Reconditioned Phones

In order to give you the peace of mind, we make sure that all of our Apple refurbished iPhones have a one-year warranty. In the off-chance that any functionality faults arise from your phone after the purchase, we will have it repaired under this policy. Please note that we sell only Grade 1 refurbished iPhones and therefore, the chances of failure or faults are minimal!

Excellent Previous Customer Reviews

We have sold many top quality refurbed Apple iPhone to customers all over the world who have been satisfied by our products and in turn, left great reviews on our website. You can check these reviews to see what our satisfied past customers have to say.


For quite a while now, we have been providing quality Apple refurbished iPhones to our customers across the UK. We have also been improving our own deliveries, which has made us be ahead in the industry. Our rich experience enables us to produce high-quality refurbed Apple iPhones to meet the needs of our esteemed customers!

Contact Us

Call us today on 03331 232 004 to make an order or get some more information about our Apple refurbished iPhones and accessories – we’re always here to help!

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