Certified Refurbished

Refurbo is the home of CR or the Certified Refurbished standard. We believe in setting the highest standards for the industry and providing a 'like new' experience. Whenever you purchase a device from us, it will have been through the following three stages.

We use Aiken Workbench to test each machine that goes through the CR program.

After the initial test and assess we send the machines that require it to our industry-leading refurbishment departments where they are fixed and refurbished cosmetically to look as good as they possibly can .

Once it has gone through this, it goes to our Quality assurance department to be checked over and put on to into stock.

Then when an order comes in, we build the machine to order. We test the device once again to make sure that all the components installed function.

By doing this, we have less than a half a percent failure rate on our devices even though we give one year warranty as standard on Laptops and three years on PCs.

Pristine Condition - Lightly Used

This standard covers most of the devices we sell; fully refurbished and impeccably clean. The device will be an excellent example for its age and will have next to no signs of wear. There will be no cracks in the plastics and it will run like a brand new machine.

There may be cosmetic wear on commonly used ports, like the network and power socket. Laptops in this grade may have minor marks on the corners of lids and hinges. However, as with all grades, functionality is never affected.

There may be surface blemishes on laptop and tablet screens. These marks would be so faint that you could not take a picture of them with a digital camera. Any marks will not be visible from every angle and will be invisible when the device is in use. There will be no dead pixels and no bruising.

Buy this item if a near perfect looking laptop or PC is important. For example, if it is intended as a gift, or will be used in the front of shop.


Very Good Condition - Slightly Used

As with Pristine, Very Good devices will be fully refurbished and be very clean but may have visible signs of wear and tear. There will be no cracks in the plastics. A scratch will be apparent if a picture is taken on the lid. There will be more evidence of wear on commonly used ports, like the network and power socket, and in the corners of caps and hinges in the case of laptops. 

Port covers maybe missing but will still look like a Pristine device everywhere else. However, these are minor cosmetic issues, none of which affect the functionality. There may be faint marks on laptop and tablet screens. These will be slightly visible in a picture and will be apparent from most angles, but invisible when the device is turned on. There will be no dead pixels.

With age, wear and tear do become more evident. For instance, buying a nine-year-old laptop will not be the same as purchasing a one-year-old laptop. Buy this item if you are looking for a fully functional device at a discounted price, and don’t need perfect cosmetics.


Good Condition – Moderately Used

These devices are tested, cleaned and fully refurbished, however, there will be clear signs of use. There are typically visible scratches on lids and bases and signs of wear on commonly used ports (such as USB ports and power socket).

A device may have missing port covers or small cracks/ dents on the lid or base. Pressure marks or spots may be visible on the screen but not visible when the device is turned on unless on certain backgrounds. There will however be no dead pixels and functionality of the device will certainly not be affected.

This grade is more typical among older generations where wear and tear is much more evident. The devices sold will not be sold as “Good” if they have a combination of all issues as they can be attributed to “Pass Condition” items.

Items in this condition should be purchased by customers who do not have an interest in items with good cosmetics; rather want fully functioning devices at a heavily discounted rate.


Pass - Heavily Used

As with all grades, these devices will be refurbished, certified tested working and be very clean. However, they will have visible signs of wear and tear. There may be minor cracks in the non-structural plastics. There will be more evidence of usage on commonly used ports, like network and power sockets, with minor cracks in them. There may be visible damage around the corners of lids and hinges of laptops. 

These items are classed as having major cosmetic issues, but nothing that will affect the functionality of the device. There may be marks on laptop & tablet screens. These will be visible from all angles and when the device is turned on. There may be dead pixels and white spots which are visible when in use.

No device will have a combination of all the issues described above. Any device with more than two of these issues will be classed as “Fail” and broken down and used for parts. 

Buy this item if you are looking for a fully functional bargain, and don’t mind cosmetic imperfections.

Please note that all items still carry a minimum of a year warranty and will come with all the other things in our retail packaging like manuals power supplies.


New Retail Boxed

Some devices on our website may have this description on the product listings. These are devices that are brand new, retail boxed items that may be overstock or items no sold. These are effectively new devices that are still in retail or original packing. These will have no signs of wear, look and perform as new, and will usually include all the original accessories.



Certified Retail

What's in the box!

The last part of the standard for Certified Refurbished standard, Certified Retail. This standard will apply if selling to end users and will include how to package the goods and warranties etc. The rule will help achieve the WOW FACTOR, increase customer satisfaction and help decrease customer returns.

This standard has helped CFA Trading achieve a less than 30 unit return/repairs/month against an average of 3000 units shipped per month.

Below we outline the elements we have implemented to help us achieve this phenomenal statistic.

Look for our Badge!

Look out for our Certified Refurbished badge on machines you buy from Pcs and Parts. It guarantees quality assurance.

For more information on Certified Refurbishment, take a look at the website below.