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Digital Inclusion for Families (DIFF)
Make a DIFFerence.


Digital Inclusion for Families (DIFF)
Make a DIFFerence.

Helping to bridge the digital divide by providing quality refurbished laptops for schools and families.

Helping to bridge the digital divide by providing quality refurbished laptops for schools and families.

Support Jake’s climb to make a DIFFerence for digitally disadvantaged families.
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Opening the World

Did you know the digital divide affects more than 1.500.000 children in the UK alone?

Here at Refurbo we believe in bridging that gap.   Access, inclusion and connectivity are vital for the future of all families.   We have teamed up with The Learning Foundation and DAFA (Digital Access For All)  to raise money for local Primary schools, giving access to devices and connecting children at school and home.

Without access to technology children are excluded from reaching their potential, from learning opportunities and from everyday sharing with friends and family.  Our goal is for every family to be equipped with the right kit for their needs. 

Helping to supply laptops to school children who need them

Meet some of our Education User Experience (UX) Team: lovely Zayd and Harley, they help us learn what children need from a laptop.

At Refurbo we believe all children should have good access to computer devices for learning: this is one of the reasons why Refurbo is fundraising via Learning Foundation charity and the Digital Access for All UK (DAFA) initiative.


DIFF Make A Difference Now.

All money you donate will go direct to DAFA to supply local primary schools with the devices they need.

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Interview with Leon Lindblad about Refurbo charity events

Leon Lindblad, Refurbo’s CEO, has highlighted the need for children, schools and families to have quality devices in schools. We teamed up with Digital Access For All (DAFA) and The Learning Foundation to see what we could do. When Jake came along it seemed a perfect way to launch our initiative.

Man of Action

Could you run up Ben Nevis with a four year old child or a microwave on your back?

We are launching our first fund-raising DIFF at the opening of the FTY Football Lab in Branksome on  the 16th April 2021 with our own superhero and Refurbo Man -Jake Best.   Professional boxer and endurance athlete Jake will be running up and down Ben Nevis –  (or the equivalent) with a 15Kg computer on his back to raise money for computers in schools.  He will run up and down the 25m hill 337 times, a distance of 10.5 miles.  

Jake, who now runs a successful Technology Company which provides cyber security solutions, explains that he wants all children to have opportunities that his own children now have.  A local lad himself, who attended Kemp Welch, he asserts that lack of facilities at school and home continue to affect his confidence and self-esteem around technology today.