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Are you interested in buying Dell reconditioned items at a good price? if you are, then you have come to the right place as Refurbo have all the offers that you need. Just simply call 03331 232004 to place your order and find out more about the products and services available at Refurbo.

Our Products and Services

Refurbo serves a variety of Dell reconditioned products, as well as other items and services. We have a lot to offer to our customers with attractive prices. Have a look at some of our highlighted products and services below.

Dell Reconditioned Desktops

Many users would opt for Dell desktops as they are known to be faster and their system rarely lags. Our refurbished desktops can give you the same experience as the new ones, for a cheaper price.

They are Certified Refurbished and quality assurance guaranteed by the CFA. Although refurbished, the desktops that we offer come with equal specifications and features as the new ones, strictly tested and graded.

Home Cinema Accessories

Refurbo provides plenty of choices for Dell reconditioned items, and this include Dell home cinema accessories. Home cinema accessories such as a projector could cost a fortune and even if you manage to find one at a good bargain, they might be low quality.

This implies that it is rare to find projectors with both excellent quality and good bargains. However, it is not the case at Refurbo as we provide Dell projectors for a good bargain, with the specifications and quality of new ones.

Refurbished Smartphones

At Refurbo, we don’t only focus on Dell reconditioned items or other products and accessories, but we also supply smartphones to our customers. Our smartphones are Certified Refurbished with many exciting features and specifications, like new ones. All the major OS are available for our refurbished smartphones, which are iOS, Android, and Windows.

Apple Products

Apple products such as iPhones, iPads, MacBook’s, and iMac are often expensive and not everyone can afford them. At Refurbo, besides providing Dell reconditioned items, we also provide Apple products at affordable rates.

We offer good bargains for our rebuilt Apple products. At Refurbo, you can get an iPhone 7 Plus Black for as low as £347.97, which can be considered as a good bargain compared to other retailers.

Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Dell Reconditioned Products Seller?

Dell products are quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, we at Refurbo provide Dell reconditioned items with the same quality as new ones to our customers. Our Dell products are sold for a cheaper price that can be afforded by everyone.

As well as this, our Dell reconditioned items are also Certified Refurbished and CFA standards compliant. In fact, all the revamped products sold at Refurbo are Certified Refurbished as our team of qualified engineers have ensured that they are safe to be used. Our products have undergone strict procedures from testing to grading, until we get to become a certified retailer for Dell and other brands.

Apart from that, we sell our goods for good bargains, which is something not commonly provided by other retailers. This is one of our specialties as customers are often satisfied with our product quality and customer services although they’re sold at a cheap price. Our Dell reconditioned items are no exception in this matter.


Find the best Dell reconditioned deals here at Refurbo. Call us now on 03331 232004 to find out more.

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