Reconditioned Apple Computers

Do you wish you could install reconditioned Apple computers at your office for a reasonable cost? If yes, Refurbo have got the deals for you! Contact us now by calling 03331 232004 to discuss deals and make your purchase.

Our Products and Services

At Refurbo, we supply reconditioned Apple computers with exciting specifications at affordable prices. Other products and services are also available for our customers to choose from.

Repair Service

Refurbo also offer a repair service for our reconditioned Apple computers. Our repair service includes screen replacement for Apple computers, for both refurbished and new versions.

As well as repairs for refurbished and new computers, we also provide battery replacement for iPhone devices. This service is also applicable for both refurbished and new iPhones.

Windows Computers

We don’t only supply reconditioned Apple computers; we also offer Windows computers. Our Windows computers consist of brands such as HP and Dell. These brands are known to produce good-performance computers. Therefore, we are proud to be one of their brands certified refurbishers.

Audio Accessories

You can now listen to music using our refurbished audio accessories. Our audio accessories are compatible with any computers, including our reconditioned Apple computers.

Windows Desktop Towers

In addition to reconditioned Apple computers, Windows desktop towers are also available at Refurbo. Our Windows desktop towers come in different brands such as Dell, HP, and Toshiba.

These brands are known to produce high performance desktops. Our products are also Certified Refurbished as we have met the CFA standards procedure. Exciting specifications are also included in our branded desktop towers.

Why Should You Buy Our Reconditioned Apple Computers?

Our reconditioned Apple computers are tested and graded to meet the CFA standards. This is a standard procedure that has to be passed by all refurbished items. They have also undergone strict procedures before being able to be sold to the public. In addition, they are also guaranteed with quality assurance by the CFA.

As well as this, to ensure the safety of our customers, we provide a 1-year free Bullguard Antivirus license to our customers. This is included when they purchase reconditioned Apple computers from Refurbo. We are committed to ensuring that our customers data is safe from threats and cyberattacks, so we partnered up with Bullguard Antivirus to prevent this while using our products. This license is also valid for other brands.

Furthermore, our reconditioned Apple computers are also sold reasonably cheaper than their new versions. Even though they are sold cheaper, we can guarantee that the refurbished product quality is the same as the new ones. We want everyone to have the experience of using Apple products by providing affordable prices for them.

We are also the trusted refurbisher for Apple products and we are proud to provide only the best quality to our customers. Apple has given the authorisation for us to recondition their products, and for that, our engineers have ensured that our reconditioned Apple computers comply with the standards. This is to prevent our customers from encountering an unpleasant experience while using our Apple products. This also applies with products from other participating brands.

Reconditioned Apple Computers- unlocked on 1st November- MH