Reconditioned Apple Mac

Would you like to own an Apple Mac without having to spend a small fortune? If yes, then Refurbo have got a good deal for you. Contact us by calling 03331 232004 now to make your purchase and to find other information.

Our Products and Services

Our reconditioned Apple Mac comes with various specifications. If you would like an Apple Mac that doesn’t break the bank, then we may be the one you’re looking for. We can also provide other products and services for you to choose from.

Other Apple Products

Our Apple products are not limited to reconditioned Apple Mac’s; we also stock other Apple items as well. These include Apple laptops (MacBook’s) and iPhones, all refurbished.

These refurbed Apple products are sold at cheaper prices, affordable for everyone. So, if you are interested in owning any Apply products, then you can buy our refurbed Apple items for a lower cost.

Rebuilt Windows Computers and Laptops

Our products do not only focus on reconditioned Apple Mac’s; Windows computers are also available. Most of our Windows computers are rebuilt with Windows 10, with a variety of options and specifications. Our rebuilt computers are Certified Refurbished and have undergone testing and grading.

Repair Services

We can also provide repair services for your reconditioned Apple Mac. Our repair services consist of screen and battery replacement for any refurbed Apple products. These refurbished Apple products include iMacs, MacBook’s, and iPhones.

Home Cinema Accessories

You can now upgrade your movie experience by purchasing a refurbished home cinema from Refurbo. Not only can your movie experience be upgraded, but you can also save by purchasing our revamped home cinema.

Besides reconditioned Apple Mac’s and other computers, we also provide home cinema accessories such as projectors. Our projectors are refurbed according to the specifications and are Certified Refurbished.

Why Choose Us as Your Reconditioned Apple Mac Supplier?

As a certified refurbisher, we are committed to ensuring quality assurance with our reconditioned Apple Mac’s. Our rebuilt products have been Certified Refurbished by the CFA. This is due the fact that we have passed the testing and grading procedure before our products are put on shelves.

Plus, our reconditioned Apple Mac’s are also worked on by our qualified engineers. We hire only qualified engineers to do the refurb work as we need to ensure that the quality complies with the CFA standards. This is important to us so that our customers can purchase products that last.

We have also received positive reviews from our previous customers. We are happy and proud that our past customers are satisfied with our products and customer services.

Quality Services

Our aim is to provide quality services to our customers around the region. We ensure that all the processes and the tools used do not compromise the quality of the products that we produce.


Refurbo is the best place to buy a reconditioned apple mac and has been in existence for quite a while now. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in dealing with reconditioned apple macs, as well as serving our customers. This has enabled us to continuously improve our delivery services and customer satisfaction. We take great pride in having a vast knowledge of this industry.

Positive Customer Feedback

We have served a lot of customers around the world who have been highly satisfied with our products and services. This is clearly evident by the positive customer feedback that we have received. Check out our website to learn for yourself why we are the best place to buy a reconditioned apple mac.

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