Reconditioned Dell Computers

Are you searching for a Dell computer that’s cheaper than a brand new one? If so, Refurbo have the products for you. Contact us by calling 03331 232004 to make your purchase or for further enquiries regarding our products!

Our Products and Services

We provide premium quality reconditioned Dell computers, tested and Certified Refurbished. Other computers and gadgets, as well as other services, are also available at Refurbo. Some of our products and services are listed below.

Reconditioned Dell Computers

We offer Dell computers for cheaper prices, all refurbished, suitable for your budget. Our refurbished computers come with Windows 10, the latest Windows version currently used by most computers. Not only that, our refurbished computers are Certified Refurbished by the CFA as our computers comply with the CFA standards.

Home Cinema Accessories

You can now upgrade your movie experience by purchasing a Dell-branded projector from us.

In addition to reconditioned Dell computers, we also have plenty of other Dell products available at Refurbo. Our projectors start from as low as £373.95, much cheaper than new ones of the same brand. All of our projectors are refurbed, and more brands are coming in soon.

Dell Laptops

As well as reconditioned Dell computers, we also provide Dell laptops. Our laptops are refurbished according to the CFA standards, and have received the Certified Refurbished badge.

Although refurbished, we sell our laptops at a reasonable price based on their specifications. You can personalise your own laptop skin before making a purchase with us. Laptop skin personalisation is one of our main services at Refurbo and we offer it for all laptops available at our store.

Apple Products and Services

Although we sell reconditioned Dell computers, other Apple products are also available. Our Apple branded products include iPhones, iPads, iMac, and MacBook’s. Not only that, we also provide repair services, particularly for screen and battery replacement for Apple branded items.

Why Choose Our Reconditioned Dell Computers?

We have received recognition from Microsoft to refurbish their products. In addition, our reconditioned Dell computers are all Certified Refurbished as we have complied with the CFA standards. Our computers also have undergone strict procedures such as testing and grading before being put on the shelf for sale.

Our past customers have expressed their high satisfaction towards our products and services via our social media. We are proud of this recognition given to us and we are improving our products and services to attract more customers to buy refurbished goods from us. This provides peace of mind that our reconditioned Dell computers are reliable.

Not only that, our team of engineers have worked around the clock to ensure only good quality reconditioned Dell computers are produced. They have performed the testing on our computers, as well as for other brands, and comply with the CFA standards. It is our utmost priority to provide high-quality products to our customers.

Moreover, we have partnered up with Bullguard Antivirus to provide a free 1-year Antivirus license to our customers. Every customer who buys reconditioned Dell computers are entitled to receive this free license when they purchase from us. We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ data and privacy are protected. This free antivirus license is also applicable for other product brands.

Reconditioned Dell Computers- unlocked on 1st November- MH