Reconditioned PC

Are you looking for a reliable refurbisher that can produce a reconditioned PC with a Certified Refurbished grade? If yes, then Refurbo is the company that you’re looking for. Contact us now bon 03331 232004 to get more information about our PCs and other products and services.

Windows Reconditioned PC

Our PCs are redeveloped according to the CFA standards, whereby testing and grading are conducted. Moreover, we provide only the latest Windows version, such as Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home with other exciting features. Our PCs are developed by our team of certified engineers who are experts in the field.

Refurbed Laptops

As well as supplying reconditioned PC’s to our customers, laptops of various models are also available at Refurbo. Our laptops come with different brands and different specifications, which are refurbed like new. Some of the brands we offer are Dell, HP, and Lenovo, all of which are sold at affordable prices.

Redeveloped All in One PC

If you have limited space, we can offer our customers an all in one PC. All in one PCs are similar to normal PCs, minus the bulky PC tower.

Our all in one PC’s are certified refurbished, with the PC tower components being developed at the back of the monitor. Furthermore, just like other redeveloped items, they are built by using only original materials and the same features as the brand-new units.


As well as reconditioned PC’s, we also have a supply of computer and laptop upgrade components. Our upgrading components are refurbed according to the CFA guidelines and standards.

These refurbished upgrades include monitors, mouse, keyboards, hard drives, RAM, and more. Plus, these refurbed components are also compatible with new PCs so you can also purchase them to be used with the latter.

Why Are We Your Preferred Supplier for a Reconditioned PC?

Our aim at Refurbo is to provide reliable products to our customers, especially our reconditioned PC. We have worked hard in order to deliver the best quality products for our clients. Our customer’s satisfaction is our main priority, so our team of engineers have been doing their best to consistently develop products in high quality.

As well as that, we are also a certified refurbisher for many tech companies, including Microsoft, HP, and Dell. Our reconditioned PC’s, along with other products, are refurbished according to the specifications set by these companies. We follow the guidelines set out to use throughout the process to ensure the quality of our products.

Customers can rely on our reconditioned PC’s as they have been installed with Bullguard Antivirus, which protects PCs from all kind of threats. PC protection is important to ensure that your data is safe, and your system is impenetrable. For every purchase of our computer and laptop products, we provide a free one-year Bullguard Antivirus license to our customers.

Lastly, we are the preferred supplier for a reconditioned PC because we sell our products at a reasonable price. We would like our customers to be satisfied with the quality and the prices that we offer them.

Reconditioned PC: