Refurbished Computers

Why spend more when you can purchase some cheap refurbished computers from us? At Refurbo, we supply only the highest quality refurbed products. Give us a call on 03331 232004 to find out more information about our products and services.

Certified Refurbished Computers

Here at Refurbo, we sell certified rebuilt computers, which are graded according to the CFA guidelines. The grading consists of 3 grades; Grade 1 for lightly used computers, Grade 2 for slightly used computers, and Grade 3 for heavily used computers.

All our rebuilt computers are certified refurbished and can be verified through a “Certified Refurbished” sticker provided with them. This certification guarantees quality assurance of our rebuilt computers.

Other Computer Accessories

As well as selling refurbished computes, we also provide computer accessories such as keyboards, all of which have been refurbed. Like the computers and other devices available, these accessories are certified refurbished.

Windows Desktops

If you are looking for rebuilt Windows desktops specifically, then we have got the product for you. Our rebuilt Windows desktops are HP and Dell branded, and we sell them for a good price. These rebuilt desktops are sold from as low as £49.99, much cheaper than a brand-new one.

Storage Upgrades

We also provide storage upgrades if you think there is not enough space in your refurbished computers. Our team supply additional storage such as hard drives and RAMs for your computers. So, if you need a supply for storage upgrades, you can purchase them from us.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Refurbished Computer Supplier?

Refurbo is an authorised refurbisher for companies such as Dell, HP, Microsoft, and Apple. Branded computers are rebuilt in-house by our team of certified and highly skilled engineers. So, there shouldn’t be any doubt regarding our products as they are developed by professional hands.

In order to provide additional features to our refurbished computers, we have partnered up with Bullguard antivirus to protect our customers from various threats. This partnership is made to show our potential customers that reworked computers and other devices are safe to use, just as safe as the new ones. Our aim is to gain our customers’ trust by providing a free 1-year Bullguard antivirus license when they purchase PC’s or laptops from us.

Our refurbished computers are sold at cheap prices. At Refurbo, our aim is to rebuild the products so that the customers can get maximum satisfaction while using them. The items are made in such a way that meet the tech companies’ guidelines. Our rebuilt products start from as low as £49.99.

Asa company whose job is to work on refurbished computers and other products, we are committed to providing our customers with the satisfaction that they deserve. The quality of our reworked products is guaranteed to be top-notch as they are developed by using only premium quality materials.

Refurbished Computers