Refurbished Desktops

Are you looking for refurbished desktops? If yes, then Refurbo is the right company for you. We supply various models of refurbished desktops from famous brands at a cheaper cost compared to other suppliers. Contact us on 03331 232004 for further information.

Refurbished Desktops

Currently, our reworked desktops are only for Windows PCs. All our reworked desktops have Windows 10 built-in, providing our customers with the latest technology.

HP and Dell are the major brands for our reworked desktop products, but more brands will be added soon.

PC Parts and Accessories

Other than refurbished desktops, we also have a supply of PC parts and remodelled accessories to complete your PCs. Our PC parts include hard drives and RAMs, while our remodelled accessories include mouse, keyboards, monitors, cables, and much more.

Reworked PC Bundles

As well as supplying refurbished desktops, we also supply PC bundles which includes components such as desktops, keyboards, monitors and a mouse.

These components have been reworked on and are certified refurbished. Our reworked PC bundles start from as low as £399.00.

Why Should You Consider Us as Your Refurbished Desktops Supplier?

We purposefully provide more choice for our customers, something which differentiates us from other suppliers. Once you have purchased refurbished desktops or other remodelled items from us, you will see a “Certified Refurbished” sticker being provided with your items. The sticker was given by the CFA for our customers to acknowledge that we have tested and graded our remodelled products. Our products are built according to the CFA standards of refurbished items.

Since our refurbished desktops and other rebuilt products are certified refurbished, this means that their quality is approved by the CFA and participating partners. We only used high and premium quality materials during the development of our products, which guarantees our products are durable.

Another factor that differentiates us from other companies is that we produce our refurbished desktops and other remodelled products in our own factory. At Refurbo, we manufacture these items in-house with our qualified engineers.


Refurbished Desktops