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Are you looking for a cheap refurbished laptop? If you are, Refurbo is the only team you need to call. You can reach us on 03331 232004 and our team will be ready to answer your questions and offer advice.

Our Services

We provide cheap refurbished laptops across a wide range of well-established brands, along with other additional services. We have listed some of the features you can expect from our units below.

Free Antivirus License

Generally, remodelled laptops are sold at cheap prices by most suppliers. However, what distinguishes us from other suppliers is that we provide an antivirus license for free. This comes with all of our cheap refurbished laptops as standard.

This is something which is not usually provided by other suppliers. You may find they would charge an additional fee for antivirus installation when you purchase remodelled laptops from them.

Desktop Supplier

As well as providing cheap refurbished laptops to our customers, we are also a certified desktop supplier. Our desktops are remodelled with a complete set of accessories, including a keyboard and mouse.

Remodelled processing units are sold at a cheap price here at Refurbo, and all our remodelled desktops are certified refurbished. You have no need to be worried about their durability, as our refurbishments are finished to a high standard.

Memory Storage Upgrades

Although we sell cheap refurbished laptops, the memory storage that comes with them are the same as if you bought it brand new. However, if you’re looking to add more storage to your system, you can purchase reconditioned storage devices or components from us online at

Our reconditioned storage upgrades consist of Solid-State Drive (SSD), USB stick, and external hard disks. The “reconditioned” title of our upgrade products shouldn’t stop you from purchasing them as they are tested before being available for sale.

Why Choose Our Cheap Refurbished Laptop?

Our products and services are not only limited to cheap refurbished laptops. We provide a variety of remodelled products to our customers such as desktops, tablets, phones, home cinema, and audio systems. All our products are built as per the participating brands guidelines.

Our reconditioned products are made in-house by our team of qualified engineers. Most refurbished products are directly supplied by the manufacturers and, at Refurbo, we are certified to remake them to function like new. This is not something that you would normally expect from cheap refurbished laptops. Our products are also tested and certified refurbished by their respective brands.

Our cheap refurbished laptops and other reconditioned items are tested and graded according to the CFA trading. The Certified Refurbished Standard is a new standard for refurbishing PC’s and laptops. Each product will then be graded as Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3.