Refurbished MacBook Pro

Do you want to own an Apple product but can’t afford one brand new? At Refurbo, we provide high quality, refurbished MacBook Pro’s at an affordable price. Call 03331 232004 now to find out more about our products.

What Do We Offer?

We offer high-quality refurbished MacBook Pro’s, at a lower price than new ones. We also provide other renewed products and services to our customers, which can be seen below.

Windows Laptops and Computers

Refurbo don’t only supply Apple products such as the refurbished MacBook Pro. We also supply laptops and computers from other brands, which are Windows operated. Our Windows laptops and computers consist of brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Samsung.

Our MacBook Pro’s and other laptops are all certified refurbished and, as such, are available at a lower price than brand new units.

Revamped Accessories

As well as refurbished MacBook Pro’s and other laptops and computers, we also supply computer parts and accessories at Refurbo. These refurbed accessories include mouse, keyboard, monitors, PC towers, and more.

All our refurbed products are Certified Refurbished as they are built according to the CFA standards and manufacturer guidelines.

Repair Services

If you are looking to repair your Apple branded products at a lower cost, then we are the company for you. Our repair work focuses on Apple products including refurbished MacBook Pro’s and iPhones.

We can undertake monitor and battery replacement work, specifically for Apple branded products. These services are available for both new and refurbished Apple branded products.

Refurbished Smartphones

In addition to refurbished MacBook Pro’s, we also have handheld gadgets such as smartphones available. At Refurbo, we supply refurbed smartphones, including both iOS and Android smartphones.

If you have been dreaming of using an iPhone, then you might want to purchase an affordable refurbed iPhone from us over an expensive brand new unit.

Why Choose Us as Your Refurbished MacBook Pro Seller?

We have a team of dedicated engineers who have been producing good quality refurbished MacBook Pro’s. Our team are also highly experienced and qualified to do the refurb work. Our products are made in our own warehouse or factory, which sets us apart from other sellers.

Our refurbished MacBook Pro’s are Certified Refurbished, obtained from the CFA. Apple branded products are widely-known, and we believe that we should produce them according to the specifications and standards by the CFA and Apple itself. We want our customers to get the real experience of using refurbed Apple items.

Additionally, our partnership with Bullguard Antivirus has allowed us to provide a free 1-year Bullguard antivirus license to each of our customers. This antivirus is also applicable for our refurbished MacBook Pro products. We put our customer’s safety as our main priority, so we have partnered up with Bullguard Antivirus to protect them from any threats while using our refurbished products.


Refurbished MacBook Pro