Refurbished MacBook

Have you been looking for a refurbished MacBook near you? At Refurbo, we can supply you with a great quality MacBook that is within your budget. Don’t waste your time searching anywhere else, as we have everything you need right here. Contact us today by calling us on 03331 232004 and speaking to a member of our friendly, helpful customer support team.

Our Services

At Refurbo, we’re the go-to choice for a refurbished MacBook. In addition, we also supply various other products that’ll complement your MacBook experience.  More about our services below.

Selling Refurbished MacBooks

MacBooks are very popular due to their exceptional performance, the build-quality, and the fact that they are an Apple product. Perhaps you’d like to purchase a shiny new MacBook but can’t afford to fork out well over a grand for one. At Refurbo, we can set you up with a refurbished MacBook that’s as good as buying new, but is far cheaper.

Our revamped laptops come with the sort of specs you’ve come to expect from Apple laptops. As well as specs, every refurbished MacBook is refurbished to a standard that puts in firmly on par with brand-new, off-the-shelf products.

Free One-Year BullGuard Internet Security Licence

During the refurbishment process, we can also install BullGuard Internet Security Antivirus which is the most effective means of securing your laptop against malicious attacks. This should remove any doubt when purchasing one of our refurbished MacBooks.

While this might sound like a standard service offered by every refurbishment business, many companies actually skip this step entirely. To ensure that our customers’ laptops are not left compromised, we provide FREE access to BullGuard Internet Security for one year. This ensures that your refurbished MacBook is fully protected from all cyber-attacks.

Professional Repairs

Here at Refurbo, we offer MacBook repair services that are affordably priced. If your refurbished MacBook requires a little TLC, you can count on our team of professional engineers. Our repair services cover a range of areas, including:

  • Screen Replacements
  • Keyboards
  • Battery Replacements
  • Trackpads
  • Accessories

Our repair services are valid for both new and refurbed MacBook products, regardless of where you bought them from.

Part Upgrades

In order to increase the performance of your MacBook, we sell all the parts you’ll need to upgrade your MacBook. Perhaps you’d like to increase the storage or enhance the performance of your MacBook. Whatever you need, we’re sure to have the right part in stock. All the parts we stock are genuine products, which we can supply for a reasonable price.

Why Choose Us for Your Refurbished MacBook?

When you’re searching for a quality refurbished MacBook, look no further than Refurbo. We’re a company that’s fully certified to refurbish all Apple products – a service which we have provided now for many years. Our reputation speaks for itself, making us the most efficient way to get your hands on a like-new MacBook for less than the retail price.

To ensure full legal compliance, we only ever use genuine parts in all our reconditioned MacBook products. In addition, we offer a FREE, one-year license for BullGuard Internet Security Antivirus as an added incentive. These are two areas where so many other companies often end up letting down their customers.

You can trust us to supply you with a refurbished MacBook that’ll exceed your expectations. After all, we are officially authorised by Apple themselves. This is your assurance that all refurbishments will be completed in line with Apple’s stringent quality control procedures. Not every company can make such a boast, which should convince you that we’re the right company to turn to.

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If you’re looking to source a quality refurbished MacBook that fits with your budget, call Refurbo now on 03331 232004.