Refurbished PC

Do you need to replace your PC but don’t want to spend a lot of money? If yes, then you should consider buying a refurbished PC from Refurbo, as we deliver only the highest quality to our customers. Give us a call on 03331 232004 to get more details regarding our products and services.

Refurbished PCs

Our refurbished PCs are built by our team of professional engineers, with only the highest quality of materials utilised. Since it plays the most important role in our service performances, we recreate our PC products according to the CFA standards. As such, at Refurbo, all our refurbed PCs have received the Certified Refurbished grades from the CFA.

We are also a certified refurbisher from Microsoft, who have trusted us to rebuild Microsoft PCs to their specifications and standards.

Bulk Discounts

If you are a company looking for good quality refurbished PCs, then we can help. We provide discounts for bulk purchases for our remodelled PCs.

As we are a certified refurbisher, you don’t have to worry about our remodelled products as they are 100% quality assurance guaranteed. This is because our remodelled products have undergone testing and grading by the CFA, and that we are a certified retailer.

Free Antivirus License

Many people became sceptical when buying remodelled products as they are doubtful of the safety while using them. The matter that most concerns people is the security of remodelled products which are often not produced by the official manufacturer.

However, our refurbished PCs comes with a free one-year Bullguard antivirus license which will protect your remodelled PCs from any kind of threats.

Why Choose Us for Your Refurbished PC?

Our products are not limited to refurbished PCs only, but we also provide other items such as laptops, tablets and phones. The variability in our remodelled products is what makes us different from other suppliers. At Refurbo, we provide more choices to our customers.

We have partnered up with various well-established brands to become a certified refurbisher. These brands include Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Samsung, for which we provide their refurbished PC’s and laptops.

We always bring in more refurbished PCs and other products as per our customers demand. The reliability of our remodelled products is proven through our customers’ feedback. It is important for our prospective buyers to know beforehand how reliable our products are before making the decision to purchase from us.

Refurbished PC