Refurbished Phones Unlocked

Are you in search of refurbished phones unlocked that will be compatible with your service provider SIM? Look no further because Refurbo is the leading provider in the region. You might be worried about the quality and the cost of reconditioned phones but we can assure you that we’re certified and experienced in producing quality phones to meet your needs!

Our Products and Services

We offer various refurbished phones unlocked services to customers across the region. Keep reading below to find out more.

Refurbishing Phones Unlocked

This is our main service – refurbishing smartphones to make them usable again and meet our customer’s demands. The refurbished process is straightforward and is very careful in detail in order to produce the best refurbished phones unlocked ever. 

We have a team of engineers and professionals who work round-the-clock to ensure that all our refurbed phones unlocked are in the right conditions. This helps us to produce smartphones that are similar to new ones in terms of looks and functionalities.

Selling Refurbished Phones

After refurbishing the phones, we make sure that they are fit to go out to the market. This is done by our quality assurance officers who carefully examine the refurbished phones unlocked to ensure that they function in the right way and that there are no mistakes!

We believe in providing quality products to our customers and therefore we cannot compromise on the quality of our refurbished phones. In addition, this ensures that our refurbished phones unlocked are replaced the right way as per the customer's budget.

Refurbished Phones Accessories

In addition to selling and refurbishing phones, we sell accessories, such as chargers and headphones. These are of high quality in order to complement quality refurbed phones unlocked that we sell. In case you need any phone accessories, just contact us today and we shall get you the best at the best price in the market!

Why choose us?

There are so many things that set Refurbo apart from the competitors. What makes our business be ahead of the competition is a combination of various traits and qualities that make up a good company.

Great Customer Satisfaction

We highly value our customers and this is the reason why we ensure that we give them first priority while providing our services. This is also complemented by providing quality unlocked reconditioned phones to them. This is evident by the great customer feedback that we have received from customers who have purchasedrefurbished phones unlocked from us!

One Year Warranty on Products

All of our products including refurbished phones unlocked have a 1-year warranty. This is to give you peace of mind knowing that the products you purchased are of high quality. We offer this type of warranty because of our extremely low failure rate. For more information about our warranty, call us on 03311 232 004.


Refurbo is a certified company with refurbished products, such as computers and refurbed phones unlocked. This is because we have undergone the necessary standards and quality assurance processes and therefore you can be assured of quality!

Variety of Products

At Refurbo, we aim to take care of most customers' needs. This includes ensuring that we have a huge stock of refurbished phones unlocked for customers to choose from. We have iPhones and Android phones with various specifications and performance.

It doesn't matter which type of unlocked reconditioned phones you want, just call us today and you shall get what you desire!

Contact us

Are you in need of refurbished phones unlocked, whether Android or iPhone? Here at Refurbo, we have varieties of refurbished phones unlocked to meet your specific needs. Get in touch with us today for more information!